Monthly Archives: July 2012

Final animatic finished

The final animatic is finished.

If you want to see it you can click on the link below:



Storyboard finished

I’ve finished the final production storyboard.

After several  hours of drawing, a 66 draws storyboard is done.

If you want to see it you can download from this link:


Video Inspiration

I’ve just found a video which is a great inspiration for my story’s style. The clouds in the video looks as how I want Moofy.

In the film you can see cute characters,  flat texture expressions and a llok quite similar than I want to achieve.

Project Management presentation

Some days ago we did a Power Point presentation to explain some technic details of our project. TV students had some problems to do it because they are not doing anything about the final project in this moth, but animation students had more facilities.

We have spent a lot of time thinking and polishing the history, and after a month of hard work we all know exacly what we want to do.

In 3 years of our degree, we hadn’t had any postproduction like this one. And after all this time I learned that a good preproduction helps you a lot if you want to do a complex project. It’s very useful.

If you want to have a look to the presentation click in the link below.

Project Management presentation

Extended plot

I’ve just finnished the extended plot of my production.

You can download it pressing the link below:


Plot in PDF

Final trailer finished

There are some audio corrections, as a new narrator who helps understanding the text.

Final animatic & storyboard

I had modified the storyboard and the animatic, changing some scenes and including audio:

To see it, press the following links:



The Lost Cranberry trailer (Beta)

After several hours of hard work and modifications, my movie trailer is finished.

I hope you enjoy it!

Maya Paint Effects

Today we have learned basic skills in Maya Paint Effects.

It’s a very usefull part of this Autodesk software, because is able to do whatever you can imagine: trees, stars, flesh, explosions, galaxies…

After that we’ve learned about how to use nClothing

There is a video and some screenshots showing the work done:


Rigging in Maya part 2

Yesterday we finished our Maya Rigging lesson learning how to use the reverse foot, the IK constrains and the painter to configurate which bones affect in a part of the mesh or another.