Negotiated Studies 1 ARD602: Aleix Mayor Ros

The main idea at the moment of thinking what to do in my final degree project was to do a title sequence for a TV program. As I really like videogames, the sequence will be about it.

The TV program will be fictional, but related with the most of the videogames programs I know.

The plot will be so simple (a title sequence can’t be a very complicate drama) so it will consist in one or two characters running along a platform world and they change their appearance depending of the “world” they are. The character’s and world’s look will be first if they were in a 8-bit videogame and then in a zombie world, in a “cookie” world, in a Super Mario World, in a middle age RPG game world, etc…

In the technical part my idea is to use a look similar than the videogame Paper Mario. It consist in a 3D world and 2D characters, like if they were paper sheets. Their movement will be by the right to the left using the lateral camera and horizontal scroll.

It will start viewing the main characters get out from a pipe similar than which appear in Super Mario videogames.  And after leaving all the worlds said before that the main characters can turn real people filmed on chroma key. These people will be the TV presenters.

During the whole video motion graphics and other motion resources will appear to complete the animation.

There is an example of how I want the video to be looked:


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