Characters design

Today I started to design my characters.  I’ve changed the main idea of to do all the characters as 2D models. They will be a mix of 3D and 2D characters depending of the world they are.

A new change in my project is that there was not only one straight world, there is a lot of spherical little worlds, and every one of them is different.  The characters will jump across the different worlds crossing the universe.

There are at the moment 5 characters designed:

1: Jim Mc Kill, an ex Marine who loves machineguns.

2: Moofy: A happy and hyperactive muffin

3: The Cubehead Zombies: Zombies with  big cube heads.

4: Cyck: a 8 bit Cyclops inspired in Megaman

5: Sir Beremith: A funny 64 bit knight

The first idea had not characters, but in the end, there has a lot o them, so the final product will be totally different that it was going to be.


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