Double meaning sentences

The lost cherry, for me and every people whose first language is not English is a totally innocent sentence, with no double meanings. But my surprise is that en English to lose the cherry means to lose the virginity.

It’s a very big trouble, because my main character is a cup cake, and there are a lot of cup cakes with a cherry in their top and I can’t use another fruit because it would be ridiculous.

There are no cup cakes with oranges, lemons or pears in the top, and using chocolate would have make me to change all my history. In conclusion, I have to use a cherry.

But, to use it I have to avoid the appearance of famale cupcakes falling in love with my main character or change the title.

In my final degree project, I’m sure that I will change the title, but to do the trailer “fanatic girls” are not necessary.


Posted on July 8, 2012, in Negotiated Studies and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Just turn that “big trouble” into something you can use. Double meanings are not always that bad…

  2. Thanks for your point of view Quim. I’m studing this possibility, but I’m not sure about how can I do it. It’s difficult to marry the idea of a children production and the idea of having sex.

  3. Have you considered “Berry” instead of “Cherry”? They basically mean the same…

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