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Character expressions finished

I’ve already finished another part of the preproduction of my Negotiated Studies project. Now you can see a document where are drawn all expressions needed by the two maon characters in the production.

Moffy has 13 different expressions and Toasty has 9.


Click the link below to download the PFD file:¬†Character’s expressions


Project Plan

John Raynolds told us to do a project plan about 1500 words in the project management course.

In this project management I explain some characteristics of my project as:

Project Overview
Project Aim
Project description
Market Need
Project Objectives
Project Organisation
Project Equipment and Facilities
Project Work Plan

All this information has the function to help me in the organization of my project. And to know where I am and where I want to go

This Plan has a mark og 70/100

To Download the Project Plan click here: Project Plan

I’m back

First of all I want to apologise to this inactive period in my blog. In this time I’ve worked hard in the project but some extern reasons I couldn’t publish my work in the blog.

Today I bring you the final character design. In there you will see the top, side and three-quarter view of the two main characters of the history: Moofy and Toasy.

I’m ending the environments concept arts and the character’s expressions. I will publish them soon.

Click to download Characters views