Dissertation fragments part 1

This post is created to publish a part of my Dissertation about shading in Maya:


What is rendering?

Render in the informatics slang is a word that define the process of generate an image from a polygonal model. Rendering is used to simulate 3D spaces in a plausible way, calculating the light behaviour or the lack of it on different shapes, materials, textures and ambient. To do that, it’s needed a render motor.

What is a render motor?

A render motor is a plug in implemented in 3D software that is used to calculate in a realistic way the light incidence on a model created virtually.

Before starting the analysis of the different types of lights and materials, we should do a little revision to the different render motors existing in Maya. The more extended and known are: Maya Software, Mental Ray, V Ray and Maxwell Render.

–          Maya software: Is the default render motor in Maya. It was developed by Autodesk and it is the more basic one, because it doesn’t calculate the indirect light incidence. It is the faster render motor but the one that create the poorest results.  However good results can be achieved with a large learning process in lighting in order to create complex light sets with different light issuers for bounced and direct light.

–          Mental Ray: It’s a render motor developed by Nvidia that has been turning one of the most used ones. It is very powerful calculating bounced lights of the scene and it has an accurate capacity to reproduce reflections and refractions. Although its results are not perfect, they are very similar as the real world.

–          V Ray: It’s a render motor developed by Perchaos Group and is the direct rival of Mental Ray, and the one that has more similitude with it. The public opinion is divided in which is better, but it seems that V Ray is faster than Mental Ray and this makes it a little better.

–          Maxwell Render: Developed by Next Limit Technologies (owners of Real Flow) is thought to be the next render motor generation. Defined as a physic render motor, Maxwell Render calculates images basing his actions in real physic laws and getting perfect light simulations. It makes Maxwell Render perfect by render perfect photorealistic images but with a large render time.

Once defined the different render motors, it has to be specify that not all materials works in all motors. In Maya, the most basic ones can be rendered using all the render motors (getting different results depending of the one selected) in other hand, there are materials optimized only for one render motor.

In this work, I will explain the most common materials in Maya Software and Mental Ray, that are the most used.




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