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Creative Futures: Help Catalonia

I’m writing this post to explain a little bit about one of the organizations I will work for in my Creative Future project.

This organization is called Help Catalonia.

Help Catalonia is an Online Newspaper born two years ago which aim is to explain around the world what is happening in my country day by day.

As you may know, Catalonia and Scotland have similar situations. Both are regions of an old Kingdom where a large amount of inhabitants want to become independent. The main difference between them is that Spanish is not as democratic as The United Kingdom.

Help Catalonia want to show to the world how Spain tries to stop the separatist feeling using dirty methods, and why Catalonia needs to become free.

Help Catalonia has thousands of followers in Facebook and Twitter, but their activity was very low in Youtube and they wanted to be more active using Media.

And because this was why I entered in this organization. To create audiovisual material seen by hundreds of people who want to learn more about the Catalan process.

I’m have been working with them for a month and I’ve published some stuff.

After a meeting where I met some founders they told me what they want.

My first job was to create a motion graphics caption to institutionalize all the videos and make the brand stronger.

I tried to create different captions, but after different adjustments I could do one that really liked them.

This was the final caption:

After that I was called to subtitle a video to show how a spanish TV burned a catalan flag on TV:

The third work I did for them was to make more professional a movie phone recording of a catalan politician explaining what is a Declration of Sovereingthy in english and french.

Now, i’m working on a very beautiful project that will be published soon


Character 360º view: TOASHAN

Today it’s time to upload the second 360º view. Today’s character is Toashan, the toastman.


I know it’s a bit late, but if you haven’t ride it, you can download my dissertation in the link below

You can download it, clicking on this link: Dissertation

Character 360º view: CUPPY

I just have finnished modeling my main character. It was a hard work to achieve an organic look, but i’m proud of my work.