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Negotiated Studies: Layouts

After too much time without uploading any information about my Negotiated Studies project, i’m ver excited to publish all my work done during this lasts month. I’ve been modeling all the scenarios and putting the cameras, in order to achieve a more realistic tempo.

I have a lot of things to do. I have to improve some objects, some camera moves… But this part of the project is very advanced.

Now I want to make the trees and vegetation better, because they are in the screen a lot of time. Then I will model some other details, and I will start with the texturing and lighting process.


Creative Futures: Animac festival 2013

Raul, Sergi and I have decided to go tomorrow to Animac Festival in Lleida. This festival is one of the most important animations festival in Spain and it’s places about two hours far from Barcelona.

I’m very excited because this will be my first festival and there are lots of interesting things to do.

I’ve been looking which films attract me more and I’ve got a list. I would like to watch them all, but I know that it’s not possible, so we should have to plan the day to take advantage of every hour.

These films are which have attracted me the most. (Visual style, topic…)

A la française: – – A nice cartoonish look – 3D

La isla de los muertos: – – A very breaking look – 2D

Fuga: – – In looks amazing – 3D

Agnieska: – – Attractive paint look – 2D

Comme des Lapins: – – Pure surrealism, it have to be funny – 2D

La vie sexuelle des dinosaures: – – Looks funny – 2D

Cornée: – – Seems to be a nice visual style – 3D

Martyris: – – Atractive topic and visual style – 3D

Catharsis: – – Attractive visual style – 3D

Een ogenblik alstublieft…: – – Nice topic – 2D

Abbau: – – Seems trange, but attracts me – 2D

Alineation: – – Nice idea – Stop Motion

Le printemps: – – Nice visual Style – 3D

How to eat your apple: – – Seems to be a very nice film  -2D

Shave it: – – Nice visual style – 3D

Kiss me: – – 9zeros is a very known animation school in Barcelona

Harbor tale: – – Nice visual style – Stop Motion

Bendito Machine – – Nice visual style – 2D

Modernnº2 – – Nice visual style – 2D

Historia d’Este: – – Nice visual style – Stop Motion

O Xigante: – – Amazing visual style – 2D

In addition, there are elevator speeches, workshops, meetings that we are trying to get info about.

Creative Futures: UAB project III

We’ve been working so hard since the last UAB project upload.

Few days after publish it we went to do a pre-shot to create a pre-montage in order to adjust the tempo and find some unexpected difficulties. Thanks of that we think that the final shot will be easier and faster. Now, we now what, how and where to do everything in every moment. We only need to go there with the actors and shot.

During the preview shoting

After that, we went to buy costumes for the enemies.

At the beginning, we had some different ideas. We are inspired by Prism, a movie from Corridor Digital which enemies wear white masks and make them look inexpressive and inhuman.

So we thought that it could be a great idea to use masks, and we started to find them.


In other hand we had other ideas:

We thought that could be a great idea to achieve a look as Bane, from Batman, but beoing less agressive:

Bane, from Batman
Concept art, based in Bane but less agressive

We started finding material to achieve this look but we realized that it was not what we were looking for.

Snowboard sunglasses that has been discarded

In addition we thought another look for the enemies, one based in a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 character.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 character

We find some costumes but we were not convinced at all…

Costume1: dungarees + vest + sunglasses

And we thought that masks where insufficient too…

Costume2: Masks

So we decided to mix them!

Costume 3: Mixed costume
Costume3: Mixed Costume (head detail)

And this one is PERFECT!

Some days after, the post production team (Raul and me) have been started to work in how to apply some of the effects.

One of them is that we want the actor to jump a big wall, he can do it but the wall is not big enough. We want it bigger! So we thought the best way to make it larger and how we have to shot it to make post production work easy.

Now the wall is 2 times bigger than the original one

This photo is a middle step. A preview that said us that to do it was 100% possible.

The original wall

Now, Raul is making the look better to achieve realism.

Creative Futures: Maresme Planteles II

Last week i went to Maresme planteles to take photos from different cactus they sell to put into their catalog and to send to the clients.

They wanted a photo witch you could see the reference of te product in it there and this was a problem. Reference was placed in the barcode and it’s too little to can bee seen if i wanted to shot the totality of the cactus. After some tries to achieve it, we felt into the idea of processing the photos with Photoshop to write the references.

The final result is that cactus look so nice and we can see perfectly its references.

Maresme Planteles is so happy with the final result. Soon I will come back to take some more photos.


Maresme Planteles’ products

Creative Futures: Maresme Planteles I

This is my second year doing some things for Maresme Planteles.

In 2012 I did a Product catalog for them (I did all the photos and the layout) It was a hard work than this year I’ve only had to update. This product catalog will be in order some more years but lots of photos have to be updated.

Maresme Planteles is a german company placed in Vilassar de Mar. They produce and  export some kind of plants to Germany.

This year, they used some of my photos to decorate their stand in Essen fair, one of the most important of the sector.


Maresme Planteles’ Essen Stand

During the next week I will go to do some more detail photos of their products


Product catalog

Creative Futures: UAB project II

During this last month Raul, Sergi and me have been working so hard in this project. I searched an actor  to be the main character of the short movie. After doing a little casting, we thought that Artur Sampere (22 years old) would be great actor for this character.


Artur during the location test

Artur is a traceur, a guy who has parkour skills (an urban sport that consists in running, jumping and finding the short way to cross a city) and has the perfect look for this role.

We have been planning how to shot the pilot chapter and we have the previous storyboard. We could draw it after going to see the different locations where we want to shot.


Energy ball test


Energy ball test

In addition, I’d been working in some designs for the energy capsules, but all of them are being discarded.

A month ago I did a an integration test to show to the teachers and the partners of the project how could be our integration possibilities.

We’ve been working so hard in this project, we have met almost 14 times and we did some invisible work.

Today I’ve finished the resistance-logo. Friday we did a brainstorming and we drawn lots of logos, but at the end we choose one of my proposed ones, the most minimal. Today I’ve draw it using Illustrator.


Logo drawing


After Illusrator

Creative Futures: Help Catalonia III

I’ve just finished a new video for

It’s a video to try to get some voluntaries to work with us. In this video appears a famous catalan actor asking some help. It’s the first of a large serie of videos to get more supporters.

This video was though after the big meeting that took part some days ago. There we said me which projects are to be done and we decided how to work.

Help Catalonia has been becoming much and much known around the world in the later months and my work has more relevance day by day.

Here you can see the video what I did.

This is a photo of the meeting


Creative Futures: Help Catalonia II

Tomorrow I will meet again all Help Catalonia staff. Maybe TV3 (the most important catalan TV) comes to the meeting, but it’s not sure.

Sunday we’ll appear in El Punt/Avui (A famous catalan newspaper)

I will submit some photos of the meeting.

Creative Futures: UAB Project

As same as Raul Reyes and Sergi Petit I’m going to work on an audiovisual project requested by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). It’s an action-Sci-Fi short movie divided in 7-8 parts that are thought to be watched randomly.

The physics department of the UAB contacted with us (Red Frog Animation) to create an audiovisual product in order to make physics more easy and motivate students to practice it.

At this time, we have worked a lot in this project. We have met several times with the physics department, and between us. We developed the different character’s design and we met some of the actors.

In this project I work as a Technical Director. Thinking what we have to do to achieve what Art Director (Raul) think.

A part of this, I do, as everybody, some more work to help my partners.

I will give more info soon