Creative Futures: UAB project II

During this last month Raul, Sergi and me have been working so hard in this project. I searched an actor  to be the main character of the short movie. After doing a little casting, we thought that Artur Sampere (22 years old) would be great actor for this character.


Artur during the location test

Artur is a traceur, a guy who has parkour skills (an urban sport that consists in running, jumping and finding the short way to cross a city) and has the perfect look for this role.

We have been planning how to shot the pilot chapter and we have the previous storyboard. We could draw it after going to see the different locations where we want to shot.


Energy ball test


Energy ball test

In addition, I’d been working in some designs for the energy capsules, but all of them are being discarded.

A month ago I did a an integration test to show to the teachers and the partners of the project how could be our integration possibilities.

We’ve been working so hard in this project, we have met almost 14 times and we did some invisible work.

Today I’ve finished the resistance-logo. Friday we did a brainstorming and we drawn lots of logos, but at the end we choose one of my proposed ones, the most minimal. Today I’ve draw it using Illustrator.


Logo drawing


After Illusrator


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