Creative Futures: UAB project III

We’ve been working so hard since the last UAB project upload.

Few days after publish it we went to do a pre-shot to create a pre-montage in order to adjust the tempo and find some unexpected difficulties. Thanks of that we think that the final shot will be easier and faster. Now, we now what, how and where to do everything in every moment. We only need to go there with the actors and shot.

During the preview shoting

After that, we went to buy costumes for the enemies.

At the beginning, we had some different ideas. We are inspired by Prism, a movie from Corridor Digital which enemies wear white masks and make them look inexpressive and inhuman.

So we thought that it could be a great idea to use masks, and we started to find them.


In other hand we had other ideas:

We thought that could be a great idea to achieve a look as Bane, from Batman, but beoing less agressive:

Bane, from Batman
Concept art, based in Bane but less agressive

We started finding material to achieve this look but we realized that it was not what we were looking for.

Snowboard sunglasses that has been discarded

In addition we thought another look for the enemies, one based in a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 character.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 character

We find some costumes but we were not convinced at all…

Costume1: dungarees + vest + sunglasses

And we thought that masks where insufficient too…

Costume2: Masks

So we decided to mix them!

Costume 3: Mixed costume
Costume3: Mixed Costume (head detail)

And this one is PERFECT!

Some days after, the post production team (Raul and me) have been started to work in how to apply some of the effects.

One of them is that we want the actor to jump a big wall, he can do it but the wall is not big enough. We want it bigger! So we thought the best way to make it larger and how we have to shot it to make post production work easy.

Now the wall is 2 times bigger than the original one

This photo is a middle step. A preview that said us that to do it was 100% possible.

The original wall

Now, Raul is making the look better to achieve realism.


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