Creative Futures: Animac festival 2013

Raul, Sergi and I have decided to go tomorrow to Animac Festival in Lleida. This festival is one of the most important animations festival in Spain and it’s places about two hours far from Barcelona.

I’m very excited because this will be my first festival and there are lots of interesting things to do.

I’ve been looking which films attract me more and I’ve got a list. I would like to watch them all, but I know that it’s not possible, so we should have to plan the day to take advantage of every hour.

These films are which have attracted me the most. (Visual style, topic…)

A la française: – – A nice cartoonish look – 3D

La isla de los muertos: – – A very breaking look – 2D

Fuga: – – In looks amazing – 3D

Agnieska: – – Attractive paint look – 2D

Comme des Lapins: – – Pure surrealism, it have to be funny – 2D

La vie sexuelle des dinosaures: – – Looks funny – 2D

Cornée: – – Seems to be a nice visual style – 3D

Martyris: – – Atractive topic and visual style – 3D

Catharsis: – – Attractive visual style – 3D

Een ogenblik alstublieft…: – – Nice topic – 2D

Abbau: – – Seems trange, but attracts me – 2D

Alineation: – – Nice idea – Stop Motion

Le printemps: – – Nice visual Style – 3D

How to eat your apple: – – Seems to be a very nice film  -2D

Shave it: – – Nice visual style – 3D

Kiss me: – – 9zeros is a very known animation school in Barcelona

Harbor tale: – – Nice visual style – Stop Motion

Bendito Machine – – Nice visual style – 2D

Modernnº2 – – Nice visual style – 2D

Historia d’Este: – – Nice visual style – Stop Motion

O Xigante: – – Amazing visual style – 2D

In addition, there are elevator speeches, workshops, meetings that we are trying to get info about.


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