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Creative Futures: Mapping show

On friday I went to the center of Barcelona to see a mapping and 360º screen. It was an Audi advertising campaign but it was very interesting.

After a 8 minutes of audiovisual show the creator of the campaign did an speech about how this campaign was being created. He told which technology was used to do it and what they did before to achieve this result.

It was amazing




Creative Futures: Tecnocampus App III

My Tecnocampus App video was seen by hundreds of people last Wednesday in “1r Forum d’emprenedoria del Maresme” The first enterpreneurship forum in my region.

In the entrepreneurship forum there were businessmen and students, and it was concluded with a big acclaim


Negotiated Studies: Cuppy texture

I’ve just finnished my main character texture.

At the beginnings I didn’t know how to do it, but David help me giving me a clue: “Use subsurface scattering (SSS)”. He was totally right.

I worked with it and the results were not too bad. But there wasn’t what I was looking for.


Then I realised that cakes have little holes instead of that roughness I put in. So I changed it. In addition I turned scattering levels lower.


I wanted my main character to look as a real cupcake, but I want a teddybear texture to. So I decided to try to achieve a velvet texture.


I hardly got it! Velvet texture achieved. I only needed to mix it with the previous texture…


And that’s it! A creamy-velvet-biscuit look!

To do the cherry I used a fresnel texture that makes the corners brighter than the center.

Here you can see an updated 360º view of this character:


Negotiated Studies: Texture&Lighting test

I’m so exited to present you the firsts texturing and lighting tests!

I decided that the final render will be done using Cinema4D because it’s material and render modules are awesome, but I will animate the character using Maya.

I’m very glad because I’ve achieved what I wanted: A colourful world that seems to be made of sweets!


Creative Futures: UAB project IV

I’m a little bit late publishing this posts, but as same as Sergi and Raul have posted, I want to publish the pre-edition of the first video of the UAB project.

I don’t want to be repetitive, if you want to read more info you can go to their posts.

Creative Futures: Help Catalonia IV

After a lot of work I’ve finished a very important video for Help Catalonia. It’s very emotional because it’s a tribute to one of the most important personalities of the catalan history, Pau Casals.

In the video you can se several catalan public people reproducing an speech he did in the United Nations.

Now, Help Catalonia staff are seeing it and it will be public soon.

Some weeks ago I uploaded a preview and they proposed me some changes:

– To change the beginning text to something more elaborated.

– To introduce some parts of the original speech in the video

– To subtitle all people, to help understanding some accents.

This was the firts proposal I’d done:

And this one is the definitive one, which I finessed yesterday:

I hope this video will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people, because it’s very emotive and I thing that seems to be very professional


Creative Futures: Tecnocampus App II

Tecnocampus App is finished. I sent it to Acdemicapp staff and they were so impressed. They said that I have a great talent capturing exactly what people want. This video will be seen in the TV’s that tecnocampus have around the campus, in a entrepreneurship forum with hardly 800 guests next week and probably in the most important education convention in catalonia.

This is the final version, but Academicapp said me to do few changes. At the beginning, where you can read Tecnocampus app I put AppTCM and it was wrong. Then, they said me that I had to put “from april 13″ because it’s not finished yet and lengthen the part where their logo appears.

Counting the firsts teasers, I did 5 videos. The first in a 400×225 reslolution, the second one in a 800×450 recolution and the last three in a 1280×720 resolution, just to show them how it was going.

In addition, I did their provisional Logo. They needed it and I provided it service.

They gave me some references as this photo:


They gave me their chromatic rate preferences and a type of font (domiouji) and I could do the logo:


You can see the fina version of the video here:

Creative Futures: Tecnocampus App I

Two weeks ago Red Frog were at the university  talking about animation stuff and a Tecnocampus business student, asked us if we wanted to do a video for his future company. They are developing an application to offer services to university students and they need a video to show to investors and other people. The problem was that it should be finished at 10th february.

We decided it could be great and it was not a very big problem for us. We decided that I was the indicate member of the group to do this work because I had skills and time to do it, so I absorbed the 90% of this work.

After a couple of reunions we could understand what hi wanted:

He wanted a 20-30 seconds video that showed his application and convey the idea of community, because it’s an app to communities. He said that the Tecnocampus logo was to be very strong.

After tat we did an storyboard. The idea was that it has to appear an iPhone that shows the application and then people using it.


I’m working in this project using Cinema4D because I did the same C4D lessons than Raul and Sergi.

After doing a preview teaser, the business student was impressed, but he proposed few changes:

  1. It was too still when the different logos of the application appears
  2. Logos should appear faster
  3. I should do a zoom out when the logos appear
  4. I had to repair some light problems
  5. Things should be more centered
  6. At the end, TCM logo should be smaller
  7. It’s better to use a girl than a boy as a “main character”
  8. All have to be according the music

Now I’m working to be finished on time

Creative Futures: Animac III

After seeing Crulic, I thought I’d never been impressed anymore, because it was a masterpiece, but then was time for the second short film pass.

There we could see 12 short movies:

  • Olympic Vermin: Amazing integration work, but too short. It was very, very, very funny!
  • Agnieszka: Hard to understand but it had a very beautiful paint style.
  • Chemin Faisant: It had no story and too much simplistic animation. Boring.
  • Mountain: It was strange, but very original animation and look style!
  • Les mots de la carpe: Very funny. Everybody in the hall laughed every moment. Strongly recommendable!
  • Fiumana: An other paint style animation with piano music that wants to be introspective. In my opinion there are lots shorts that want to be original and experimental, but they are all the same.
  • How Dave and Emma got pregnant: Bizarre humor. So nice drawings and plot.
  • The End: A beautiful spanish animation, but in all the movie it’s not happening absolutely nothing.
  • A la française: An easy humor story. Nice 3D modeling, animation and rendering.
  • Ego sum petrus: The worst video I watched all day (and all my life). Authors must be high when he did something like this.
  • La Isla de los Muertos: An other experimental and boring short
  • Fuga: One of the best animation shorts I’ve ever seen.

After all those short was time for the last event of the day: An interesting speech of Andy Glynne, the animated documentary maker.

He told to the audience a little bit of his life. He studied psicology and he became filmaker because he wanted to show emotions, and the best language to do that are visual metaphores.

He said that animation in a very powerful way to communicate something.

He did an animated serie called: Animated Minds. It is a serie about mental illness. Some people with some mental problems tell what they feel and Andy and his partners do the visual metaphores of their words.

He says that animation is a very powerful tool because:

  •  Using animation you can reproduce what hapends in the people minds
  • It allow you to do a short about the illness, not the ill. He doesn’t appear in front of the camera and the audience mind doesn’t associate this illness with who have it.
  • It allows you to show what can’t be film (protected people, for example)

Then he showed us an other documentary about foreign children that had escaped from his country and now live in the UK.

After this speech, we decided to return home. We had to do 3 travel hours. I got home at 1:30 and I was exhausted.

Creative Futures: Animac II

As I published last week, on friday Sergi, Raul and me went to Animac Festival, in Lleida.  We spent almost 3 hours by car to arrive there, and then we had to find where it was, and it was not an easy task because we’ve never been before in Lleida and maps were confusing.

Animac was celebrated in “La Llotja” an awesome building in the outskirts of the city.

IMG_0213IMG_0212 IMG_0215

Despite it, we were lucky because we could assist to the most interesting event of the morning: The elevator speech.

In the first part of the elevator speech, some producers talked about a project that they were carrying out, but their presentation couldn’t be longer that 10 minutes. We could see some interesting projects, one of them a project from FX Animation, the best 3D animation School in Barcelona.

After that, it was de turn of enterprises explaining their business idea in “Service” Elevator Speech. They explained what they do to help producers. In the speech we could see a new crowdfunding company called Impulsa’t, then we could see a film database called BDAE, and the 4rth social video game most important company in the world (Social Point) who were applying for illustrators. After that Moviebeta was presented. It was a streaming portal that help people to show their films in festivals. This service only cost 2 up 4€.

Elevator speeches ended at 13:30 and we had two hours to lunch.

IMG_0221IMG_0742 IMG_0762 IMG_0759


Elevator Speeches

At 16:00 started the first film pass: Future Talent

Future Talent Review:

– Cupidon: A nice 3D animation short. Cupido makes a mistake and shot two arrows to the same man. He felts in love with himself. A nice version of Narcis story, but animation was a little bit abrupt.

– Hännen Tilanne: A simplistic black and whitedrawed film. A metaphor of the death. Too much experimental for me.

– Strings: A 3D film about a puppet. Nice animation and modeling, but texturization was so, so, so bad. A blinn hand? That can’t be true at 2013!!

– Der Übersetzer: A metaphor of context in translating. You can’t translate a text word by word.

– From dad to son: For me the best one in this movie pass. This short was about a prisoner that tricks the prison guards to help his father to complete his job, because he can’t do it because is in the jail.  It vas a stop motion, and characters were 3D paper puppets. 100% recommendable.

– Pohyper: That’s one of the foolish shorts in the festival. It’s a stop motion that uses hundreds of t-shirts and post production to tell a story. Awesome.

– Omega: This short disappointed me. I had very high expectations about it, but it was very, very, very slow and boring. 19 torture minutes. Scenarios and characters were impressive, but i didn’t like it.

Then, when the shorts finished, we went to see a 1 hour and 30 minutes movie called Crulic. It was about a romanian guy who died in jain because of a hunger strike. He was innocent, but anything could help him. I really enjoyed this movie.

I will do a second post about this day.