Negotiated Studies: New trees

I’d like you to forget my old trees. I hate them.

I think they looked very, very amateur. I think that one of my stronger points in 3D is to model stuff, so I couldn’t accept to put those “trees” in my project.

I’ve been working in a new look for trees and I’m so, so moved that I’ve achieved what I wanted to achieve! Finally, they look great!


Now, I want to show you in 10 steps how I worked in them:



  1. First of all I modeled a trunk based in a cube
  2. Then, I created some spheres to make the tree’s crown
  3. After that, I put some colour and global illumination, but it looked awful.
  4. After using Ambient occlusion, it seemed to be less flat, but it was not what I wanted.
  5. After that, I came up to the idea that If I used some realistic photo I could achieve some nice effect. But I was wrong.
  6. So, I decided to create custom textures using photoshop brushes. An I liked it.
  7. To look better, it was necessary a floor, because a tree is never illuminated by the bottom.
  8. Then I put some bump mapping (crown) and displacement (trunk) to make it more complex.
  9. After that, I needed a properly render. And I thought that I had it, but… It needed something more
  10. Fruit. It needed fruits. With them, the colour range was perfect.

I’m starting to make some more texture-illumination tests. I will publish them soon!


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