Creative Futures: Animac II

As I published last week, on friday Sergi, Raul and me went to Animac Festival, in Lleida.  We spent almost 3 hours by car to arrive there, and then we had to find where it was, and it was not an easy task because we’ve never been before in Lleida and maps were confusing.

Animac was celebrated in “La Llotja” an awesome building in the outskirts of the city.

IMG_0213IMG_0212 IMG_0215

Despite it, we were lucky because we could assist to the most interesting event of the morning: The elevator speech.

In the first part of the elevator speech, some producers talked about a project that they were carrying out, but their presentation couldn’t be longer that 10 minutes. We could see some interesting projects, one of them a project from FX Animation, the best 3D animation School in Barcelona.

After that, it was de turn of enterprises explaining their business idea in “Service” Elevator Speech. They explained what they do to help producers. In the speech we could see a new crowdfunding company called Impulsa’t, then we could see a film database called BDAE, and the 4rth social video game most important company in the world (Social Point) who were applying for illustrators. After that Moviebeta was presented. It was a streaming portal that help people to show their films in festivals. This service only cost 2 up 4€.

Elevator speeches ended at 13:30 and we had two hours to lunch.

IMG_0221IMG_0742 IMG_0762 IMG_0759


Elevator Speeches

At 16:00 started the first film pass: Future Talent

Future Talent Review:

– Cupidon: A nice 3D animation short. Cupido makes a mistake and shot two arrows to the same man. He felts in love with himself. A nice version of Narcis story, but animation was a little bit abrupt.

– Hännen Tilanne: A simplistic black and whitedrawed film. A metaphor of the death. Too much experimental for me.

– Strings: A 3D film about a puppet. Nice animation and modeling, but texturization was so, so, so bad. A blinn hand? That can’t be true at 2013!!

– Der Übersetzer: A metaphor of context in translating. You can’t translate a text word by word.

– From dad to son: For me the best one in this movie pass. This short was about a prisoner that tricks the prison guards to help his father to complete his job, because he can’t do it because is in the jail.  It vas a stop motion, and characters were 3D paper puppets. 100% recommendable.

– Pohyper: That’s one of the foolish shorts in the festival. It’s a stop motion that uses hundreds of t-shirts and post production to tell a story. Awesome.

– Omega: This short disappointed me. I had very high expectations about it, but it was very, very, very slow and boring. 19 torture minutes. Scenarios and characters were impressive, but i didn’t like it.

Then, when the shorts finished, we went to see a 1 hour and 30 minutes movie called Crulic. It was about a romanian guy who died in jain because of a hunger strike. He was innocent, but anything could help him. I really enjoyed this movie.

I will do a second post about this day.


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