Creative Futures: Tecnocampus App I

Two weeks ago Red Frog were at the university  talking about animation stuff and a Tecnocampus business student, asked us if we wanted to do a video for his future company. They are developing an application to offer services to university students and they need a video to show to investors and other people. The problem was that it should be finished at 10th february.

We decided it could be great and it was not a very big problem for us. We decided that I was the indicate member of the group to do this work because I had skills and time to do it, so I absorbed the 90% of this work.

After a couple of reunions we could understand what hi wanted:

He wanted a 20-30 seconds video that showed his application and convey the idea of community, because it’s an app to communities. He said that the Tecnocampus logo was to be very strong.

After tat we did an storyboard. The idea was that it has to appear an iPhone that shows the application and then people using it.


I’m working in this project using Cinema4D because I did the same C4D lessons than Raul and Sergi.

After doing a preview teaser, the business student was impressed, but he proposed few changes:

  1. It was too still when the different logos of the application appears
  2. Logos should appear faster
  3. I should do a zoom out when the logos appear
  4. I had to repair some light problems
  5. Things should be more centered
  6. At the end, TCM logo should be smaller
  7. It’s better to use a girl than a boy as a “main character”
  8. All have to be according the music

Now I’m working to be finished on time


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