Creative Futures: Tecnocampus App II

Tecnocampus App is finished. I sent it to Acdemicapp staff and they were so impressed. They said that I have a great talent capturing exactly what people want. This video will be seen in the TV’s that tecnocampus have around the campus, in a entrepreneurship forum with hardly 800 guests next week and probably in the most important education convention in catalonia.

This is the final version, but Academicapp said me to do few changes. At the beginning, where you can read Tecnocampus app I put AppTCM and it was wrong. Then, they said me that I had to put “from april 13″ because it’s not finished yet and lengthen the part where their logo appears.

Counting the firsts teasers, I did 5 videos. The first in a 400×225 reslolution, the second one in a 800×450 recolution and the last three in a 1280×720 resolution, just to show them how it was going.

In addition, I did their provisional Logo. They needed it and I provided it service.

They gave me some references as this photo:


They gave me their chromatic rate preferences and a type of font (domiouji) and I could do the logo:


You can see the fina version of the video here:


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