Negotiated Studies: Cuppy texture

I’ve just finnished my main character texture.

At the beginnings I didn’t know how to do it, but David help me giving me a clue: “Use subsurface scattering (SSS)”. He was totally right.

I worked with it and the results were not too bad. But there wasn’t what I was looking for.


Then I realised that cakes have little holes instead of that roughness I put in. So I changed it. In addition I turned scattering levels lower.


I wanted my main character to look as a real cupcake, but I want a teddybear texture to. So I decided to try to achieve a velvet texture.


I hardly got it! Velvet texture achieved. I only needed to mix it with the previous texture…


And that’s it! A creamy-velvet-biscuit look!

To do the cherry I used a fresnel texture that makes the corners brighter than the center.

Here you can see an updated 360º view of this character:



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