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Negotiated Sudies: Cuppy’s bones and rig

In this post you can see the different bones, IK and controllers that will be used t oanimate my main character

It’s a very simplistic rig, but a very simplistic character doesn’t deserve a complex rig. I’ve been trying some movements and it works very well. 

I will publish some animation tests soon. 




Skeleton + controllers


Skeleton + controllers + mesh


Controllers + mesh



Negotiated Studies: Cuppy’s Facial Expressions

I’ve just modeled the different facial expressions needed in my short. They will change without using blend shapes. They will change in only one frame. I want to achieve a cartoonish effect than can be very interesting. You can see how this changes will look like.

they will be independent of the character mesh and they will be hidden or showed depending on his feeling.

Creative Futures: Help Catalonia VI

I’ve just done one more video:

They gave me the videos and i had to edit them. The videos where not in HD and I had to use some plug-ins to improve the quality. Then I had to stabilize the shot, because it was terrifying. In addition I did some color correction and i wrote subtitles.

Negotiated Studies: Toashan texture

Toashan texture process is finished. I used the same technique as Cuppy’s texture because I want to follow the same texture style.

The skull is textured using subsurface scattering effect.



Negotiated Studies: Texture&lighting

Texture & lighting process was finished yesterday! As you can see, the world has changed a lot from the layouts. I’ve achieved exactly the look I was looking for: A cartoonish world in a realistic illumination. All this thanks to Cinema4d.

All textures are flat coloured or painted for me in photoshop. To make the grass I used the same techique as the velvet texture, using a very little noise in the bump channel.

To optimize the render time, I used more bump mappings than displacement ones. I’ve only used displacements in some trunks. But breaded textures, meat, grass, stone, crowns… are textured using bump channel.

Creative Futures: Help Catalonia V

My last video done for Help Catalonia has been a hit!!

It has turned into a viral video and thousands of people have seen it. We published it yesterday afternoon and became a big success.

Several catalan newspapers have noticed about the video:

And some anti-catalan newspaper too…–z6s

Several catalan famous people have retwitted it and in Rac1 (one of the most important radios in Catalonia) have mentioned it. Even Political parties and a lot of institutions have mentioned it!


As you can see, it was a mass success

Edited at 19:35 PM: Now you can see the video in “El Periodico” one of the most important Newspapers of Spain