Negotiated Studies: Cuppy’s animation test + changes in process

Some months ago, as you may know, I did two courses of cinema 4d, oriented to the motion graphics. (70h) and now I’m more used to the cinema 4d workflow than the maya’s one.

After doing it I thought to change the software to do my project and I decided to mix both software and use each one for different steps:

  • Modeling: Maya –> It was hardly everything modeled when I thought that. But I changed all vegetation for an other modeled in C4D (in conclusion, is modeled 85% Maya, 15% C4D)
  • Texturing: C4D–> Cinema is a great software to achieve great materials without download dozens of packs from internet. It has a very clean interface and you only need to see how different are the results when I render in Maya or C4D.
  • Rigging&Animation: Maya –> This is where I did a mistake. My intention was to rig and animate in Maya and then export it using .fbx format to C4D. The problem was that doing it the rig was to be done to a white character, and in every movement the character must be texturized. In addition, I tried to export and import .fbx files and it was a nightmare. Instead of this, I decided to rig and animate using C4D. Thanks to David Minguillon, who taught me to rig in Maya I could do the same in C4D.
  • Lighting and Render: C4D: It has a very easy interface and everything is very customizable.


In the following video you can see different test animations, as you can see the C4D rigging works as well as Maya one and the results are even better. In the C4D render you can see that complements (face, cherry and chocolate chips) are fixed to the mesh using constrains.


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