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Negotiated Studies production, finnished.

After several months of hard work, now I can introduce you my final production.

Thanks to all the people who helped me in this hard task, and everybody that made possible this unbelievable experience!


Negotiated Studies: Definitive title

After several title changes, I know how my shot film will be called. If you remember, i’ve had lots of problems with the double meaning sentences. So I think that the best I can do is to avoid any reference to the cherry-cranberry-berry in his head and the fact of lose it.

Taking oher animation series as an inspiration I’ve chosen “Cuppy the Cupcake” as the final title.

There are several series and shorts which titles are the main charater name.


Planning for my month in Wales

Here is the planning for the next weeks. I don’t have a lot of work because I spent about 600 hours working at home.

Week 1: Finnish all the scenes + Do the blinks of the characters
Week 2: Do the credits & the opening
Week 3: Video Edition + Audio
Week 4: Final edition

Negotiated Studies: Pre-final animation finished

During those lasts days I’ve been working on my animation and now I can show you a pre-final animation of my short.

It’s a little longer than how it was supposed to be, but i think the length is so reasonable.

There are few changes to do in my opinion, the majority in the video edition but I have a month to do it.

There is a list of things that I will do during this month:

– Soundtrack&Audio

– Reedit some tempos, movements…

– The credits

– The last scene

-The blinks of the characters (in long shots)

-The final video edition

Negotiated Studies: Animation process

During weeks I’m being very, very busy animating my film. It’s a hard work and it seems that will never finish, but I have a lot of work done by now.

I can tell you that I have more than a half of the short in an advanced animation statement.

If you want to know exactly where I am, please check the Layout I posted few months ago. If the final tempos where the same, now I would be animation the 91th second (when he throws his creamy head to be a cup). But, is a little bit longer, so by now I have 135 seconds. (2:15). I think the final animation will have a duration of about 3 and a half minutes. 

Creative Futures: Summary

This post is written to close the Creative Futures project. In this post I have worked for a lot of different clients and I have gone to many courses and demonstrations:

 Professional projects:

– UAB project: Two physics professors of the Autonomus University of Barcelona claimed us to do a few futuristic shorts focused on nature and environmental problems.

Now, this project is in the end of the preproduction step, we have been spent a lot of time talking with the professors and between us to have a very clear focus of what to do, but the project is a little bit stopped because we don’t have all time we wanted to achieve the results we are looking for, so we want to carry on with this project when we have a little more time.

This project helped me to discover that to be successful in a project as big as it is you need a lot of time and a perfect workflow. It helped me to know how it feels to be inside of a huge production where is money involved.

In this project I had the role of Technical Director.

 – Maresme Planteles photographies: In this project I did some professional photos of cactus that will be able be used as catalog photos, to send them to the client by email or to decorate a stand in a fair.

At this time, the spring season is hardly finished and they don’t need more photos.

This project have taught me how to manage the petitions of people that doesn’t know about audiovisual media but knows a lot about their business, and how merge both visions to achieve the best result.

 – Help Catalonia: I started this project as a volunteer because of my deeper feelings. As you may know, Catalonia have been living a self-determination process that pretends to be similar to the Scottish one. The trouble, is that Spain has not the british democratic culture and we have being attacked many times for the Spanish government. So, I wanted to help this process as an anonymous citizen doing what I think is the best I can do: Audiovisual media. So I started to work for Help Catalonia, an organization that tries to explain how are we living this process. This organization pretends to be a serious information source to offset the powerful Spanish media.

Anna, the organization coordinator is so happy with my work and is always saying to me that if she have to sing something to prove that I have worked a lot for them I only have to say it to her.

My work there have been several video montages, subtitle overpainting and a graphic identity for the Youtube channel that it’s been used by the rest of the media volunteers. To create the visual identity I created a caption, some chyrons and a stylistic style to sign the videos.

My greatest goal, is a viral video that was mentioned in the most important newspapers, televisions and radios in Catalunya.

  – Academicapp: This is the project that have moved me closer than the professional world. I had to do a promoting video for an iPhone app. The creators of this app are Tecnocampus students: an engineer and a marketing student. To make three students of three different degrees in the same campus work together in the same project is a success for Tecnocampus as a campus model.

After seeing the final result, Juan Minguel, the marketing student was amazed and he didn’t know what to say. It was more than they were speccing for.

This project have fought me to analyze what exactly the client wants (they had a very open mind and some audiovisual knowledge) and extract the best method of achieve it.

Academic projects:

-Cinema 4D courses: I did two cinema 4D courses in Mad Center (Poblenou, Barcelona) as well as Raul, Sergi, Nuria… She told us that this school was amzaing and she was right, I learnt how to use Cinema 4D even better than Maya. Now it is my main 3D software, and have changed all my Negotiated Studies project. It was tough to be done using Maya, but a big amount of the work have been done using C4D.

Now, I can say that I have an advanced level of C4D.

The courses I did are the following ones: (40h) (24h)

In resume, 64 hours of classwork and a lot more practicing at home.

– After Effects course: In Mad Center I did an After Effects course too, an advanced one, because I had previous knowledge. I learned a lot about integration, camera tracking and some plug ins, as Element 3D, Twixtor, Particular or Newton.

The course is the following one: (24h)

– Animac: On 29 of February Sergi, Raul and I went to one of the most important animation festivals in Spain. Lleida’s Animac festival. We could attend to many interesting conferences and speeches and be saw lots of animation films of many different styles and countries.

 – Projection Mapping show: I went to an Audi advertisement show in a dome in the middle of Barcelona. I could see a nice show. They mapped on an Audi A3 surface and on an structure similar than the Audi front, and then I could see a 360º video projected at the dome. I was really lucky because in that session there were some Advertisement students of the Barcelona’s University and the creator of the campaign did a conference about technical and artistic details of the show. These conference only happened once, so I was really, really lucky.

Negotiated Studies: Animation references

Pocoyo, as you know is one of the strongest inspirations I have for my video. Here you can see one of its chapter to see how it moves. I want to achieve something similar, mixing normal movement with very fast and exaggerated actions.
Also, the face will change without any transitions, as Pocoyo’s does.

Negotiated Studies: Modeling-Texturing-Rigging process ended

At the end of April, I have all these things done:

– Environments modeled and textured. Lighting test is ok. I love how the world looks like. There is a big difference between the two worlds and it look nice when both are mixed.

– Characters modeled, textured and rigged. They look like the 2D drawings. I think had very clear ideas that have been captured by solving all the technical problems. They are alive and have personality.

With all this work done, I want to conclude this step of my project and start the animation one.

Please, if Glyndwr teachers see something that is wrong or have to be changed I would like you to contact me in order to change it.

I will understand that all is ok if I don’t have any answer in 4 or 5 days. I can’t be without working much time. There is less than two month to come back!

Negotiated Studies: Toashan’s animation test + facial expressions

In this post you can see the final version of the facial expressions, rig and some animation tests of Toashan.

The bones work well, and I feel comfortable animating Toashan with this skeleton.

I had some doubts about how constraints worked on C4D, but looking a few tutorials I’ve solve it.

I’m very happy about tethe results I’ve been achieving, are better than I suspected! ImageImage

Negotiated Studies: Cuppy’s animation test + changes in process

Some months ago, as you may know, I did two courses of cinema 4d, oriented to the motion graphics. (70h) and now I’m more used to the cinema 4d workflow than the maya’s one.

After doing it I thought to change the software to do my project and I decided to mix both software and use each one for different steps:

  • Modeling: Maya –> It was hardly everything modeled when I thought that. But I changed all vegetation for an other modeled in C4D (in conclusion, is modeled 85% Maya, 15% C4D)
  • Texturing: C4D–> Cinema is a great software to achieve great materials without download dozens of packs from internet. It has a very clean interface and you only need to see how different are the results when I render in Maya or C4D.
  • Rigging&Animation: Maya –> This is where I did a mistake. My intention was to rig and animate in Maya and then export it using .fbx format to C4D. The problem was that doing it the rig was to be done to a white character, and in every movement the character must be texturized. In addition, I tried to export and import .fbx files and it was a nightmare. Instead of this, I decided to rig and animate using C4D. Thanks to David Minguillon, who taught me to rig in Maya I could do the same in C4D.
  • Lighting and Render: C4D: It has a very easy interface and everything is very customizable.


In the following video you can see different test animations, as you can see the C4D rigging works as well as Maya one and the results are even better. In the C4D render you can see that complements (face, cherry and chocolate chips) are fixed to the mesh using constrains.