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Maya Paint Effects

Today we have learned basic skills in Maya Paint Effects.

It’s a very usefull part of this Autodesk software, because is able to do whatever you can imagine: trees, stars, flesh, explosions, galaxies…

After that we’ve learned about how to use nClothing

There is a video and some screenshots showing the work done:



Rigging in Maya part 2

Yesterday we finished our Maya Rigging lesson learning how to use the reverse foot, the IK constrains and the painter to configurate which bones affect in a part of the mesh or another.

Maya Lessons

Today we did a Maya lesson.

As all the students know how to modelate and texturize, Simon has explained how to rig and Sonia how to use the blend shape.

Bland shape test:

Rigging screenshots:

Flash class

Today we’ve done a very useful Adobe Flash lesson. We have been learned the basic techiques to animate the essential parts of a body, as the mouth, or walking legs.

We have learned to do our drawings look better using some pencil techiques and gradients, for example.

Fist walking version:

First blink version: